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estate planning and real estate closings

Who Should Close this Deal?
Attorney or Title Agent?

As a transactional Real Estate attorney, I run into this issue all too often. I will meet a new Realtor or Mortgage Broker/Lender and we will start to discuss the state of the industry. Inevitably, as part of our conversation, we will talk about who handles the closing work in our area, and why.

Do you have a will?

Few decisions in life are as unpleasant, yet as important, as planning for its end. Those who do such planning save their heirs much anguish and frustration, and often a great deal of money. This report will attempt to explain in broad terms various estate planning vehicles, such as living wills, durable powers of attorney, federal estate and gift taxation, the probate system, avoiding probate, Medicaid eligibility, and guardianship.

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